About the Firm

IOD started in 2007 when our first client needed our help organizing their record keeping procedures. A local CPA was serving the company, but they were only tasked with filing the company’s tax returns. Gathering all the information needed to file the returns was always a stressful and rushed experience for the client often including countless unknown errors.

IOD was established to ensure your business does not go through the same ordeal. We value making the task of filing your tax reports with the IRS as easy for you as possible. By finding the best way to organize the company’s financial information, we get the tax information we need and are still able to provide clarity for the business owner.

IOD is in the business of providing professional bookkeeping services to small and mid-sized companies, as well as not-for-profit organizations. We optimize our clients’ business performance by providing them with the necessary tools to assess their financial position at any given time.

IOD is determined to provide our customers with the best bookkeeping and tax preparation servicespossible and make it all seem as seamless as possible. The company began with a simple goal; provide quality services with the highest level of integrity all while keeping our services cost effective. Our flexible strategies for recording financial information make it easy for us to cater to each one of our client’s individual needs.

Not every company needs (or can afford) a full-time bookkeeping staff. But every company no matter how small CAN'T afford  to not have a good accounting system to maintain financial records that report on the business' performance.

IOD will help in anyway we can, no job is too big nor too small, we can scale our services to meet each of our client's needs.