Mission & Vision

IOD’s vision is to become the quintessential bookkeeping service provider. IOD wants to become an integral part of our clientele’s success story because our belief is that every satisfied customer is the best advertising we could ever have. IOD will organize your information so that you can maintain your business’ efficiency, your reputation and most importantly, your commitment to your customers.

Ultimately our mission is to alleviate you, the business owner/management, with the burden of day to day accounting tasks so that you can focus on growing the business. IOD will help achieve a clear picture of your company’s financial position at any given point in time so that you can make informed managerial decisions. In other words, IOD helps you achieve the financial clarity that you’ll need to achieve the success you want.

IOD recognizes that each business has unique needs and we have responded by developing a way to provide secure, effective, & most importantly flexible solutions that improve the bookkeeping process in distinctive ways for diverse businesses. IOD aims to serve its clients in a manner that encourages an exchange of information and growth, so that IOD can be both a complement and an asset to our clients.

Our staff is detail-oriented, energetic and committed; we work hard to leave our clients feeling that we are partners instead of another faceless service provider. Any task is worth the challenge if it will assist our client in getting the job done. These qualities have molded IOD's reputation and helped to distinguish it from other bookkeeping and tax providers.

You do Business.
We’ll Record it.